Rioja in three letters


The stage is set for ageing

Our barrel cellar holds some of our greatest secrets. In a great hall without intermediate pillars, fruit, oak and time mark their own rhythm. In the past, it used to be located in the space that we now use for bottle ageing, but twenty years ago, we started a cutting-edge […]

Christmas is a time for Gran Reserva

Most Spanish families continue to celebrate Christmas traditions, not just getting together on one day, but enjoying two weeks of parties, sharing meals and time with family and friends. Diaries fill up with events and special dates, all with the added sparkle of excitement.

Bodegas LAN and #WineStudio, our venture into online training

This November we’ve played a leading role in the conversations of the online academy #WineStudio, led by Lyn Farmer (@fizzfan), wine expert and famed writer. Over four weeks, Lyn and his followers have been able to discuss opinions about how we work in the vineyards, our commitment to sustainability and […]

Organic vine growing in Viña Lanciano

Viña Lanciano is a vineyard of great value both in terms of landscape and ecology, clearly defined by its location in a bend of the River Ebro, sheltered by the Cantabria Mountains. It is the soul of LAN and the umblical cord that links our wines to the land. We […]

Remontage or “pumping-over”

As harvest draws to a close, the selected grapes arrive at the winery to begin one of the key stages in winemaking, when the grapes become must and the sugar that the fruit contains is converted into alcohol. It is known as alcoholic fermentation and it is when we can […]

Viña Lanciano 2019 Vintage Report

Now harvest has been completed in Viña Lanciano, it is time to take stock. This unique 72-hectare vineyard usually marks the start of harvest in the Rioja Alta area, due to its soil composition, climate and location.

The people behind LAN: María Barúa, LAN’s winemaker

María Barúa has been part of LAN’s team since 2002. She discovered a passion for wine through her father who was a great wine lover and taught her to appreciate the great classics of Rioja. They would always share the ceremony of choosing the wine to serve with the Sunday […]

LAN opens Madrid’s art season

Every September for the last three years, Bodegas LAN has been a sponsor of the “Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend”, a key event in the Spanish capital, in which 49 galleries open their doors to show the best of the national and international art scene. This year marks the 10th Anniversary […]

LAN’s Ruedas: AURA Vendimia Nocturna

Our firm commitment to the vineyard source has led us to embark on a new adventure. Although our roots are in Rioja, our future is linked to historic designations of origin that represent our understanding of viticulture. We took over Bodegas Aura, D.O. Rueda just over a year ago.