Rioja in three letters


Marqués de Burgos Roble and Crianza

It has now been more than ten years since we started our project in the heart of the Ribera del Duero with Marqués de Burgos. 2009 was when we began monitoring parcels, transferring the LAN philosophy from Rioja to Ribera. A commitment to expertise and respect for the raw materials, […]

LAN D-12, the tenth edition of vat number 12

In the past, it was traditional for Riojan winegrowers to put aside some of their favourite wine for very special occasions. The tenth edition of LAN D-12 renews our homage to this long-standing custom.

Restoring our heritage: The Mantible bridge

The Mantible Bridge, currently in ruins, is the oldest bridge in the city of Logroño. Located in the district of El Cortijo, on a meander of the Ebro River, it joined both banks, and according to the historians, it was one of the busiest routes in Roman times towards the […]

LAN and oak. A journey through winemaking

In LAN we seek to preserve the natural expression of fruit from the outset. The barrels play a fundamental role in terms of preserving and adding more complex nuances to our wines over time. Therefore, we are very stringent in selecting the oak that will accompany our wines on their […]

Does Viña Lanciano weep?

The vine is a plant that becomes dormant over the winter months. During this period, the vines look like they are sleeping and winter pruning takes place, reducing the length of the canes to create higher quality bunches in the future. But the clearest sign that the vine sap is […]

Enofusión, the first event for wine professionals of 2019

The International Wine Congress Enofusión took place in Madrid over the 28th, 29th and 30th of January, showcasing new trends in the wine world, gems from the most acclaimed wineries and a few new surprises, through tastings and conferences. We had a noteworthy role this year, as aside from Culmen […]

Viña Lanciano 2018 vintage report

The harvest is the most important point in the whole growing season, when we pick the grapes from our vineyard, bringing the cycle to its natural close. The days prior to the harvest, when the grapes are reaching their optimum level of ripeness, we step up our measurements and checks […]

LAN Xtrème: our commitment to the land

Throughout our more than 45 years of history, we have been faithful to our basic principle: “that winemaking starts with vine growing.” This pioneering vision of the care for the raw material and the importance of the origin has formed part of LAN’s DNA to the present day. Respect for […]

The importance of bottle maturation

Today we are going to talk about a process that all the wines produced in Bodegas LAN go through after spending time in barrels: bottle ageing. Once bottled, wine undergoes a natural evolution with important changes influenced by the reductive environment that it finds itself in. Wine improves during this […]