Rioja in three letters


8000 by Marqués de Burgos is born

Life brings challenges which offer the possibility of growing and improving our understanding of how life thrives in the vineyard and teach us the value of patience and perseverance.

LAN Crianza: knowing how to reward yourself is #veryLAN

Countless efforts are done every day by a considerable number of people in order to give form to each and every wine in our large family. Endless hours spent on the vineyard, among tanks, barrels, bottles, labels…

Tips to enjoy wine at home

Opening a bottle of wine at home can turn into something special, a prelude to some moments of joy. In order to maximize this pleasure, we at Bodegas LAN offer a few tips —we hope you will find them useful.

LAN Limited Edition 2011 among Wine Spectator’s “Top 100”

Since 1988, Wine Spectator publishes its TOP 100 list; a selection of the world’s best wines according to the editors, who taste over 18,000 different wines every year.

The people of LAN: our export team

In Bodegas LAN we recognize the importance of opening new markets, a challenge closely linked to the growth of our vitucultural project. For this purpose, we have an expert team of proffessionals who form our export department and who are responsible for our product’s commercial success around the world, where […]

Glassware and wine: a glass for each style of wine

We drink wine in special glasses for a very simple reason: wine contains hundreds of volatile substances and aromas that would dissipate without using a special container; with the loss of these aromas wine loses its character. A wine glass works like an amplifier of aromas.

Viña Lanciano 2010: with own name

Some wineries gravitate around a certain wine since their foundation, a wine that becomes the paradigm of the winery’s style and winemaking philosophy. This is the case with Bodegas LAN and Viña Lanciano: it was the first wine ever launched by our bodega.

Bud break at Viña Lanciano

Bud break is the first stage of the return to life for our Viña Lanciano vines. The start of this cycle is signaled by a bleeding of the vine meaning that the sap has started to flow. Tiny buds start to swell and burst indicating the start of a new […]

Fermentation: Grape must become wines in LAN

After the final days of the harvest, reception and selection of grapes in our bodega, the musts extracted from the crushing of the grapes of the 2014 vintage begin their alcoholic fermentation.