Rioja in three letters


The Oak Barrels: The importance of detail

In bodegas LAN we house an exceptional stock of new oak barrels where our wines age; barriques where our wine patiently waits until it reaches its full potential while respecting the uniqueness of character and the expression of originality in each grape variety.

Harvest begins at Viña Lanciano

The 2004 harvest at Viña Lanciano started in the second week of September. Expectations were high, due to both the excellent sanitary conditions and the ripeness of the grapes in our vineyard after an excellent growth cycle.

LAN’s commitment to sustainable viticulture

LAN strives for a winemaking process that is more harmonious with nature.  For the last ten years we’ve been actively performing sustainable viticulture practices in our vineyards: promoting the plant’s natural defenses and working towards a vine microclimate that improves air circulation and luminosity in order to upgrade each cluster’s […]

LAN people: Jose and Pedro, two generations devoted to the vineyard

With his face weathered by all the seasons in the year, Jose Lopes walks among rows of vines performing his daily duties. Now in the midst of winter pruning, he contemplates the deep blue colour of the Rioja skies —for more than 20 years, Jose has been taking care of […]