Culmen, our greatest exponent

The most renowned jewel in our crown comes from an exclusive selection of old vines with extremely low yields and superlative qualities. An exclusive delight that is only made in exceptional vintages, like that of 2017. Culmen, a wine that expresses the culmination of LAN’s work.   Originating in the […]

Veraison in Viña Lanciano

  Veraison is a French viticultural term that is also used in English to define the moment when the grape berries change colour. It is the penultimate stage, before the vine growing year culminates in the harvest.   During the start of the summer the small bunches grow in size, […]

Natural corridors at Viña Lanciano

In our vineyard we carry out various sustainable practices with the aim of preserving not just the quality of the raw material but also the natural environment in which it grows.  

Organic vine growing in Viña Lanciano

Viña Lanciano is a vineyard of great value both in terms of landscape and ecology, clearly defined by its location in a bend of the River Ebro, sheltered by the Cantabria Mountains. It is the soul of LAN and the umblical cord that links our wines to the land. We […]

Viña Lanciano 2019 Vintage Report

Now harvest has been completed in Viña Lanciano, it is time to take stock. This unique 72-hectare vineyard usually marks the start of harvest in the Rioja Alta area, due to its soil composition, climate and location.

Viña Lanciano, beautiful in bloom

The leaves have started to appear, and the moment that the vines will flower is getting ever nearer. At the start, the plant will nourish itself from its own reserves, to then move into a period of vigorous growth. Flowering usually occurs in our vineyard towards the end of May […]

Restoring our heritage: The Mantible bridge

The Mantible Bridge, currently in ruins, is the oldest bridge in the city of Logroño. Located in the district of El Cortijo, on a meander of the Ebro River, it joined both banks, and according to the historians, it was one of the busiest routes in Roman times towards the […]

Does Viña Lanciano weep?

The vine is a plant that becomes dormant over the winter months. During this period, the vines look like they are sleeping and winter pruning takes place, reducing the length of the canes to create higher quality bunches in the future. But the clearest sign that the vine sap is […]

Viña Lanciano 2018 vintage report

The harvest is the most important point in the whole growing season, when we pick the grapes from our vineyard, bringing the cycle to its natural close. The days prior to the harvest, when the grapes are reaching their optimum level of ripeness, we step up our measurements and checks […]