Culmen, our number one

If there is a wine at Bodegas LAN which represents the maximum culmination of our know-how that is Culmen. A wine which is only made in vintages we consider to be extraordinary. An exclusive pleasure that with 2015 vintage reaches its ninth edition in our fifty years of history.

8000 from Marqués de Burgos. 8000 vines

LAN’s adventure in the Ribera del Duero reached the pinnacle of its expression with the 2012 vintage of 8000 de Marqués de Burgos, the first release of this wine. An adventure that started back in 2009, when we took our first cautious steps to increase our knowledge of the vineyard, […]

The unique wines of LAN

If choosing a variety, which represents Rioja, it would definitely be Tempranillo. The name comes from “temprano” meaning early, which describes the grapes early ripening characteristic. It is the most widely planted varietal because it is the best adapted to the soils and climate of Rioja.

LAN 7 METROS: the search for the right size

Scarcity and selection The barrels selected to age LAN 7 METRES are made from the few specimens of Spanish oak that grow to have least seven metres of trunk clear of branches and knots, each one selected for its exceptional growth. This 100% Tempranillo wine seeks to achieve a perfect […]

Christmas is a time for Gran Reserva

Most Spanish families continue to celebrate Christmas traditions, not just getting together on one day, but enjoying two weeks of parties, sharing meals and time with family and friends. Diaries fill up with events and special dates, all with the added sparkle of excitement.

Bodegas LAN and #WineStudio, our venture into online training

This November we’ve played a leading role in the conversations of the online academy #WineStudio, led by Lyn Farmer (@fizzfan), wine expert and famed writer. Over four weeks, Lyn and his followers have been able to discuss opinions about how we work in the vineyards, our commitment to sustainability and […]

LAN’s Ruedas: AURA Vendimia Nocturna

Our firm commitment to the vineyard source has led us to embark on a new adventure. Although our roots are in Rioja, our future is linked to historic designations of origin that represent our understanding of viticulture. We took over Bodegas Aura, D.O. Rueda just over a year ago.

Marqués de Burgos Roble and Crianza

It has now been more than ten years since we started our project in the heart of the Ribera del Duero with Marqués de Burgos. 2009 was when we began monitoring parcels, transferring the LAN philosophy from Rioja to Ribera. A commitment to expertise and respect for the raw materials, […]

LAN D-12, the tenth edition of vat number 12

In the past, it was traditional for Riojan winegrowers to put aside some of their favourite wine for very special occasions. The tenth edition of LAN D-12 renews our homage to this long-standing custom.