The growth cycle at Viña Lanciano

Every year, in our Viña Lanciano vineyard we experience the different stages in the vine growth cycle. Weather conditions determine the start of some of the phases and the various tasks that we carry out in the vines.

Ageing in Spanish oak

One of LAN’s distinguishing traits is its innovation in ageing. More 20 years ago, we were pioneers in the use of hybrid barrels – with American oak staves and French oak bases, – which we continue to use for LAN Crianza and LAN Reserva. This incessant search for unique characteristics […]

The setting for tailored ageing

Some of our secrets take place in a great hall without intermediate pillars, where fruit, oak and time mark their own rhythm.

Remontage or “pumping-over”

As harvest draws to a close, the selected grapes arrive at the winery to begin one of the key stages in winemaking, when the grapes become must and the sugar that the fruit contains is converted into alcohol. It is known as alcoholic fermentation and it is when we can […]

LAN and oak. A journey through winemaking

In LAN we seek to preserve the natural expression of fruit from the outset. The barrels play a fundamental role in terms of preserving and adding more complex nuances to our wines over time. Therefore, we are very stringent in selecting the oak that will accompany our wines on their […]

The importance of bottle maturation

Today we are going to talk about a process that all the wines produced in Bodegas LAN go through after spending time in barrels: bottle ageing. Once bottled, wine undergoes a natural evolution with important changes influenced by the reductive environment that it finds itself in. Wine improves during this […]

Sulphites: myth and legend

The term sulphite is a concept that is often mentioned by wine enthusiasts when referring to sulphur dioxide (SO2). It is a preservative that is used frequently in the production of wine and other foodstuffs, due to its antioxidant and antibacterial properties.  We can find it on food labels under […]

Malolactic fermentation in barrel

One of the natural processes that shape the personality of the wines that come from our Viña Lanciano estate is malolactic fermentation in barrel.

Fermentation: Grape must become wines in LAN

After the final days of the harvest, reception and selection of grapes in our bodega, the musts extracted from the crushing of the grapes of the 2014 vintage begin their alcoholic fermentation.