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Extreme respect
for the raw material

LAN Xtrème

LAN Xtrème Organic is the extreme manifestation of the LAN philosophy in terms of respect for the raw materials. A wine made with minimal intervention from the outset, the result of a selection of vines from the Ecological Mantible parcel, named as such due to its proximity to the Roman Mantible Bridge.

100% organically-certified Tempranillo, sourced from the Ecological Mantible parcel located in our Viña Lanciano Estate.

Parcel: The Ecological Mantible (Viña Lanciano Estate.) Size: 5 hectares. 400 metres above sea level with terrain sloping down in an east west direction. Sandy loam soils with an abundance of small and medium-sized pebbles.

Hand harvested in in small crates during September. Subsequent sorting by grape and berry on a double selection table. Alcoholic fermentation with native yeasts in a semi-truncated cone shaped tank with continuous pumping-over over 2-3 weeks to optimise colour extraction. After alcoholic fermentation, the wine was devatted and bled-off to new French oak barrels where malolactic fermentation took place spontaneously.
Furthermore, we use the most respectful winemaking possible, not adding any additives to the must or the wine, except a small quantity of sulphur to avoid oxidation and the development of undesirable microorganisms.

The wine ages for 14 months in new French oak barrels, followed by at least nine months' bottle conditioning. The barrels that are used for organic wine must be new or have been used solely for the storage of wine with organic certification for a minimum of one year.

Deep, very intense garnet red. Intense aromas of cranberries, very ripe red fruit, prunes and dried apricots. Liqueur-like notes, along with vanilla, cinnamon and resin. Structured, broad and flavourful on the palate.

FLAN Xtrème 2014 tasting notes