LAN Crianza

A wine made in tandem

LAN Verdejo Rueda

Olga Tormo represents Castilian rigour and the identity of Verdejo. María Barúa is the heart and soul of LAN, the custodian of a style. Two women; four hands working towards the same goal. That's how our LAN Verdejo was born.

100 % Verdejo.

Selection of plots, all ranging between 17 and 30 years of age, from our own vineyards (Los Llanos and Avutarda Estate) and from long standing suppliers (El Gato Estate). Yields of 7,000 kg/ha. Vineyards located at 700 metres above sea level, divided into plots classified to express the personality of the terroir. Soils with a high concentration of pebbles on the surface, low organic matter content, and good aeration and drainage.

Harvested at night to ensure that the grapes entered the winery at lower temperatures of between 10°C and 15°C, in order to protect the varietal aromas. Harvesting at night also results in significant energy savings, thus improving sustainability during the winemaking process. Pellicular pre-fermentation maceration at a low temperature before pressing to extract all the aromatic characteristics of the Verdejo variety from the skins.

Pronounced aromatic complexity marked by white fruit and mineral notes, as well as hints of aniseed. Broad and full bodied on the palate, with a creamy texture and a spark of noticeable acidity that extends the palate and lengthens the finish.

Our commitment to neutralising our impact on the environment has led us to reduce the weight of our bottles to 410 g.

LAN Verdejo Rueda 2022 tasting notes