Our barrel cellar, where tailored ageing takes place

Our wines are a faithful reflection of the vineyard, the parcels and the grape varieties that they come from. In the barrel ageing we aim to respect the grape variety and terroir, allowing them to express themselves fully. Care for the raw material remains our key maxim, down to each and every detail.


A system of stacking, racking
and climatisation that is unique in the world

Fitted with an automatic stacking and racking system that is unique in the world, we are able to work with a wide range of different types of oak in our barrel room. French, American, Russian, Hungarian, Pyrenean oak and hybrid barrels (American oak staves and French oak bottoms), with different types of toast, selected and renewed periodically. We tailor the ageing to each variety on a separate basis, arranging pyramids of barrels by parcel, in order to extract their maximum potential.


Different types of oak

In LAN we select the most appropriate oak to age each of our wines from all the different types that we have at our disposal. We select oak that gives each wine in our range its own unique and recognisable identity.

· French oak. From different forests in central France (Allier, Troncáis, Jupille, Blois…), it gives great aromatic complexity, with delicate notes of spice (clove, cinnamon), touches of menthol, smoke and cocoa. It adds a considerable amount of tannins, giving great structure on the palate.
· American oak. Sourced in Ohio and Missouri, from the Appalachian forests, it adds intense aromas of vanilla, coconut and aromatic plants.
· Russian oak. From the Caucasus and the Republic of Adygea. It is similar in aromas to French oak, although it is less pungent, respecting the primary aromas of the grape.
· Hungarian oak. It is very similar in aromas to French oak. In the case of Tempranillo it adds slightly more lactic notes.
. Pyrenean oak. It is high in polyphenols, adding vanilla, caramel, almond, clove and resinous notes. It is the latest type of oak to be added to our constantly evolving ageing process.



Hybrid barrels

At LAN, we were pioneers in the use of hybrid barrels that combine American oak staves - giving vanilla and coconut elegance - and French oak bases, which provide touches of spice, cocoa and resinous notes. A combination that gives a distinguished character to two of our wines: LAN Crianza and LAN Reserva.



Unhurried development in the bottle

A period of waiting in which every detail counts. The handling and care of the cork, with exhaustive quality controls, ensures that our wines evolve perfectly. They spend months refining themselves in the bottle. We await the moment when our wines have reached their full potential and complexity with patience and calm.